If you are here it's because you'd like to know more about who is behind this website and this name. Even if you personally know me already there is high chances you don't have a clue why I decided to sign my illustration as SYLS. Even, I, sometimes forget.

It originally came to life when I first started to learn Japanese. I decided to go for self-education and started to buy some basic books and watch a lot of anime. Ha... anime! There was something really comforting about it; so cheerful but still and always built on ethics and deep life-changing meanings.

There was a word coming often as a melody to my ear: "Matane" or またね which means "see you later" or "see you again". For me, learning this word was a really important turn. I do not have a strong and concrete will. I wish I would but I don't. This means I always leave half-done most of the things I start until I get sucked into something else that I will eventually abandon too. And the same pattern applies for my relationships.

Starting illustration was a hard move at first but it's really when I decided to start my very own artist page on Instagram that the bet became harder. Ha, you want to reach people, you want to share your feelings with them and emotionally touch them, all that with your art. Beautiful, really! This would never happen without consistency and I knew it. So I tried. I tried to sculpt my hobby into a real passion. I tried to post daily, to interact with people and to not give up at the sight of recognization not being fulfilled as I expected. It was hard but there was again this comforting feeling about drawing. That even if I would give up for a while, my tablet or my piece of paper would still welcome me back.

With people it's different. When you don't step up your consistency game in relationships, eventually people get tired. They can't rely on you. You know it and it makes you feel terrible. Until that point where you can't even dare an eye contact with those people you deceived. 

Saying Matane is for me a way to reassure my loved ones but myself too. It's to get rid of goodbyes, to say "sorry if you won't hear from me for a while, don't worry I still deeply care for you". It reminds me as well to always try to be a better version of myself while still accepting all those imperfections that makes me and my art. There is no place for comparison nor shame.

So, if you understood, I'll surely see you later :)